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Project Description
A GUI controls library for XNA 3.1. Contains panel, button (toggle and push), checkbox, listbox, combobox, textbox, multi-line textbox, grid, layout, image, and form. Hook up control events to your game easily.

Demo showing all control types. The source code includes this demo.

About XNA Simple Gui

This project is called XNA Simple Gui but the namespace is actually DGui.
DGui controls use the mouse and keyboard for input and is thus intended for Windows games. Nevertheless, the source code is free and open and you are welcome to modify it to support Xbox 360 controls.
DGui contains the following control elements:
  • DPanel
  • DButton/DToggleButton
  • DComboBox
  • DCheckbox
  • DTextBox
  • DMultiLineTextBox
  • DGrid
  • DListBox
  • DForm
  • DLayout
  • DImage

The color of Gui items can be modified using a color theme object. You can also change a control's border thickness and font size from the defaults. Controls can be arranged in a hierarchy to create more elaborate user interfaces.

What it doesn't do
  • Textured controls (list box items can have an image icon - no support for this on buttons yet)
  • Orderable data grid (only a static grid)
  • Title bars or inbuilt message dialogs

How to use

See the Documentation.

Thanks to

Farseer Physics! I used your drawing helper classes.

Also to Ziggyware, I used your SceneGraph example:

Hope this is ok!

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